March 28, 2016


To celebrate 65 years of the 2CV compact van and 20 years of the Berlingo, Citroën is giving the two best-selling models a completely new look, with special styling for Colette! The famous store at 213 rue Saint Honoré, Paris, is adopting a mini fleet consisting of one vehicle from each model to celebrate the occasion, specially customised with the compact van’s timeless design and the store’s emblematic colour: #2CVcolette. Driven by their shared values of innovation and difference, the two French brands are coming together to declare: andré ♥ colette!


To celebrate 65 years of the 2CV compact van and 20 years of the Berlingo, Citroën is bringing the two vehicles together in a mini fleet customised for Colette, the famous store at 213 rue Saint Honoré, Paris. This collaboration between the two French brands, combining their flair for innovation and difference, has culminated in unique vehicles:

  • The timeless styling of the compact van, with the corrugated plate effect for the Berlingo. The electric version of the transformed vehicle was chosen to whizz around Paris carrying out the concept store’s deliveries throughout the campaign.
  • Blue, the store’s signature colour, was adopted by the Citroën logo, which takes on a special retro look.
    Colette is also displaying a special vintage logo to mark the occasion. Visual artist Steve Pitocco created the logo using a hand-painted technique in the tradition of the first LCVs.
  • The reinterpretation of the two vehicles was the brainchild of Citroën’s design consultancy, whose director Alexandre Malval oversaw every detail of the 2CV’s “old to new” and the Berlingo’s “new to old” transformations.

The compact van pioneer and European market leader are coming together in a mini fleet available until late April:

  • The electric Berlingo, delivering for Colette.
  • The 2CV compact van, positioned in front of the store at 213 rue Saint Honoré, Paris.
  • On the two brands’ social networks, with shared hashtag: #2CVcolette.

This dual anniversary was coordinated with the help of L’Ecurie agency.

To see a video of the vehicles’ transformation:

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