March 21, 2017


Digital Handbook Scan your CITROËN and access the information you are looking for directly!

Tired of thumbing page after page through thick vehicle manuals? Then check out Scan MyCitroën, a free, simple, and intuitive app that lets you consult the owner manual of your Citroën by scanning the parts you want to know about.

This app is compatible with the Citroën C1,C3,C4 Picasso and C4 Cactus.

With the camera of your phone, point at and select the part of the vehicle you want to know about in detail. The app will then automatically identify the part displayed. Every part of the vehicle referenced in the original owner’s manual can be scanned with Scan MyCitroën.

The menu of the Scan MyCitroën app contains a shortcut to the section describing your CITROËN’s indicator lights. There you will find an explanation of what each light corresponds to and, in some cases, what you should do if a warning light has lit up.