What is Remote Control / e-Remote Control?

Remote Control and e-Remote Control offer you a unique experience of comfort with different & efficient functionalities that go beyond driving.



E-Remote Control is a free service available for new electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It can be used through myCitroen application.

Status Information

The main page displays key battery information such as charging status and level as well as estimated range of autonomy.

In order to display updated information, home page refresh is required where you will have to scroll to the bottom and click on the round-shaped arrow at the top right of the page.

The right information should appear in less than a minute.

Kindly ensure internet connection is table while info is loading.

Do not switch from WIFI to 3G/4G/5G mobile data, vice versa. Otherwise, the communication will be interrupted.

Remote charging

With this function you can set up remotely & start charging your vehicle when plugged in. It also allows you to switch from immediate charge mode to deferred charge mode, vice versa. Deferred charge can as well be activated by pressing a specific button in the charging hatch. When the charging reaches 100%, a notification is sent.

Remote heating and cooling

This function sets a comfortable temperature for your vehicle. You do not need to configure the pre-conditioning yourself, since e-Remote Control will always reach a comfortable temperature of 21°C.

General conditions of use

Vehicle’s range will not be affected while you are using the function. Instead, it will be ready for use at a comfortable temperature.

When you set the pre-conditioning, the system will take 30 and 45 minutes to reach a comfortable temperature. It is therefore the time in which you will use your vehicle that must be programmed.

Depending on your vehicle’s equipment, you can also program the charging from your connected navigation system via the “Charge” page of the “ELECTRICAL” menu and program the pre-conditioning times in the ” OPTIONS” on the “AIR CONDITIONING” page.

The first launch of a pre-conditioning will only start if there is a 45-minutes lapse between the moment you define the programming and the chosen time.

Once programmed, the pre-conditioning will be activated in the vehicle and can be used even outside good network areas.

The doors and/or trunk must be locked. If you unlocked the vehicle during pre-conditioning, it will stop after 1 minute.

Charge commands requested during a pre-conditioning will be taken into account by the vehicle and activated when pre-conditioning stops. Be aware that an information message may be displayed on the app.

Special conditions for hybrid vehicles

Initiating the pre-conditioning of your vehicle will interrupt in-progress charge. It will be resumed at the end of temperature programming, provided that the charging station allows it. Whenever the battery level goes below 20%, the pre-conditioning function will pause.

Special conditions for electric vehicles

Fast charging mode can be simultaneously operated with pre-conditioning. However, during regular charge, there is a requirement for the outside temperature where it should be between 5 and 35°, pre-conditioning and charging can work at the same time.

Beyond this range, activating a pre-conditioning program will interrupt the charging of your vehicle. It will be resumed at the end of this programming.

Whenever the battery level goes below 50%, the pre-conditioning function pause.



Remote Control is a paid service available for new internal-combustion-engine, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, allowing remote interactions between your smartphone and your vehicle. This service can be used through myCitroen app.

For all Remote Control functions, you will need to wait 20 seconds after submitting,

– by a banner (if myCitroen is home page open)

– by notification (if myCitroen is on the background or the smartphone is locked)

Lock status

This feature allows you to monitor the lock status of your car. In order to get the updated status displayed on the home page, a refresh is required by:

– scrolling to the bottom

– clicking on the round-shaped arrow at the page top right

Note: As soon as at least one door is unlocked, the status displayed on myCitroen app is unlocked.

Remote lock/unlock

This feature allows you to lock/unlock your vehicle’s doors remotely. Animated app buttons will indicate the order. The vehicle is locked/unlocked no later than 8 seconds after request.

“Lock” button can still be used even when the vehicle is locked.

Remote lighting

This feature allows you to remotely switch on warnings or sidelights. Animated app buttons indicate the order no later than 8 seconds after your request:

–  that the order is in progress

– afterwards, the lights will be on after 10 seconds.

 Remote honking

This feature allows you to honk remotely. Animated app buttons indicate the order is in progress no later than 8 seconds after your request:

– that the order is in progress – a notification advises you to ensure compliance with local regulations on the use of car horns

– the vehicle will then honk for 10 seconds

When a second horn order is activated by the vehicle before the previous one ends, the vehicle will honk a second time at a lower sound level.


Subscription & activation of e-Remote Control and Remote Control services.

Remote services require secure authentication for user recognition. In order to authenticate correctly, please follow the instructions below:

Note: Should there be an existing contract for another user over the vehicle, it will be automatically terminated when your activation process is finished.

  • Download the myCitroen mobile application and create an account
  • Enter your VIN
  • Go to “Vehicle” then “Service” tab
  • Choose your desired service from the list of available Connected Services
  • Subscribe to the service
  • Complete the activation in 3 steps:
    * To be completed within 6 days, otherwise contract will be terminated automatically
  • Register a trusted phone number
  • Register your smartphone using a pin code and/or Face ID / Touch ID
    • To use Face ID, you must use at least an IPHONE 9
    • To use Touch ID, you must use at least an IPHONE 7 / 8; or an Android
  • Go to your vehicle with your smartphone and your key:
    1. Start your vehicle,
    2. Establish the Bluetooth connection between your vehicle and your smartphone,
    3. Follow the steps to identify the key

* If necessary, vehicle updates will be displayed on the app & installed in the next trips -at least, 15-minutes or longer-. As soon as the vehicle is up to date, you can enjoy Remote services.

Note: Do regularly refresh the app’s home page throughout your subscription and activation process by sliding your screen from top to bottom


Using e-Remote Control and Remote Control services: code of practice.

To get the most of your e-Remote Control and Remote Control services, please follow the below code of practice:

  • Make sure you finish the subscription and activation procedures
  • Make sure you are in a full network area
  • Be sure to make use of at least every 7 days for at least 15-minutes long trip with your vehicle
  • You can use the e-Remote Control and Remote Control on different smartphones, provided that you log in with the correct account that is in use. The application will guide you through the smartphone registration with validation steps.

If you still encounter any difficulties, please contact our Customer Care Department and fulfill myCitroen app’s available form. You will be asked to submit the logs for analysis.