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Citroën, a brand whose identity was closely linked to the personality of its extraordinary founder – Andre Citroën, a man with the creative drive and strategy of market conquest that underpins Citroën’s spirit of innovation.

In 1955, the DS and its revolutionary hydropneumatic suspension became one of the most iconic cars of the 20th century, which still commands a cult following today. A Citroën is a unique, meaningful inspired object that looks like no other cars.

At 90 years old, Citroën is now opening a new page in its history, with a new visual identity, new customer relations and a new line of products.


The Logo
Jointly developed by Citroën’s Marketing and Styling teams, headed by Jean-Pierre Ploue, and the Landor agency, an international branding and design network, the new logo is the first visible sign of change.

The chevrons have broken free from their red frame to become three-dimensional, gaining in strength and body. Bridging Citroën’s past and future, the red is used as the color for the brand name in the new logo.