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Cycle & Carriage is one of the leading motor distributors and dealers in Singapore. It is currently the exclusive distributor for Citroën motor vehicles.

At Cycle & Carriage, the pursuit of excellence in customer service is a top priority and we are committed to providing a professional service benchmarked against the best industry practices to our customers.

We strive to provide the best service to our customers by continually reviewing, upgrading and effecting changes to improve our service standards. We are committed to professionalism in our dealings with our customers and endeavour to deliver quality service with a high standard of integrity.

The new boutique-sized CITROËN showroom houses the Citroën range of passenger cars, as well as the sales and after sales service center. It is the 1st in Asia to adhere to the new Citroën international architectural guidelines of the new Citroën visual identity, featuring a transparent façade, a contrasting red and white interior and an elegant white canopy that unites the different elements within. Nice touches of amenities such as Apple iMac internet kiosks, free flow of refreshments and coffee table design books are available to customers at this new home of Citroën.

The CITROËN showroom is conveniently located at 239 Alexandra Road.