October 12, 2017


On the occasion of the 52nd Salon of Leisure Vehicles, to be held in Paris - Le Bourget from 30 September to 8 October 2017, visitors will be able to discover the SpaceTourer Rip Curl Concept on the Citroën stand. This 4x4 nomadic and convivial van, fully equipped to live the unlimited escape, relies on the know-how of Citroën and Rip Curl. Citroën will also offer Citroën the opportunity to offer new assistance services and extensions of guarantees.

Citroën participates in the emblematic Salon des Véhicules de Loisirs and highlights its varied range of motorhomes on Jumper and SpaceTourer bases.

At the stand, Citroën presents the SpaceTourer Rip Curl Concept, a new interpretation of the SpaceTourer dedicated to outdoor sports and a collaboration between Citroën and Rip Curl. This modern van, the object of ultimate mobility and symbol of an unlimited escape, sees its extensive crossing capabilities thanks to a 4×4 transformation by Automobiles Dangel. Pössl is equipped with a compact motorhome to overcome all constraints. This transformation and layout are both already available separately on the SpaceTourer range.

The exterior and interior of this motorhome design and functional are sublimated by a color treatment and specific and original materials. Addressing all those who want to live closer to nature, it is sturdy, roomy and manageable in everyday life. It amplifies the SpaceTourer’s qualities: modularity, ease of use, comfort and technologies for serenity and freedom. The SpaceTourer Rip Curl Concept will accompany the Rip Curl team at the Rip Curl Tour by Citroën between October 2017 and January
Visitors will also have the opportunity to test two vehicles of the Citroën range (SpaceTourer and Jumper), fitted out in recreational vehicles, during a dynamics grip around Le Bourget.

This event will be an opportunity for the brand to offer, at no extra cost, a support service for the owners of motor homes on the bases of SpaceTourer, Jumpy and Jumper: CITROËN CAMPING-CAR ASSISTANCE, a roadside assistance available 24/24 and 7 days a week covering 3 geographical areas (Europe, Eurasia, Maghreb) and 55 countries with 6,500 authorized repairers. Citroën will also offer warranty extensions to the vehicles carrying these motorhomes, under exceptional conditions, in order to thank the customers for their responsible behavior, initially for the French, German, Italian and Spanish markets.

For Citroën, recreational vehicles constitute a major axis of development. The brand continues its momentum, recording the strongest growth of all car brands in Europe, for 2 years, with growth in 2016 of its registrations 3.6 times greater than the market. Citroën is present on the motorhome market, notably through the Pössl, Clever and Campster brands (Pössl Group), Bürstner, Dethleffs, Carado, Sunlight and Etrusco (Erwin Hymer Group), Adria (Trigano Group), PLA, Giottiline and Itineo (Rapido Group).